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a bandom comm for the Great White North!
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The place for Canadians in bandom.
You're in bandom. You live North of the border. You belong here!

The general idea for this community is for Canadians to discuss bandom happenings, specifically relating to Canada. When Canadian dates are announced, post 'em! Post your concert reviews in your local Canadian city! Find people to go to the concerts with you!
When the boys/girls mention Canada in their blogs, or when something noteworthy happens on our soil, post it!
If you find Canadians in bandom, tell us all about it. Keltie's from the Edmonton area (that one small town that's just outside the city limits that isn't Stony Plain, I believe) and there has to be more!

Finally, rec us kickass Canadian music. But please remember the *insert single digit number here* degrees to Pete Wentz Rule Of Bandom. This is for BANDOM not for all Canadian talent- if Tokyo Police Club posts new tour dates, post it in tokyopoliceclub. The idea is to post a primer or manifesto or pimpage technique of your choice, tell us how they're related to PWentz, and watch our iTunes expand.

We are Canadians, aka The States' "friendly but backwards neighbours." Please be civil.

Membership is moderated, but commenting is open to all. This is my first community, so I am completley open to constructive criticism and suggestions. Simply send truthtruthlie a message. :-D
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